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Get more health out of hospitals

Higher quality of care and better use of hospital capacity through data-driven decision support.

Our Promise

Patients leave the ICU faster and healthier

Pacmed is on a mission to make sure all medical decisions are objective and tailor-made such that healthcare can cope with the steeply rising demand of care.

Our machine learning based decision support makes sure patients leave the ICU faster and healthier. With this ICUs can treat more patients, better.

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Our Team

Experts and innovators with a cause

Our mission takes a global, experienced, talented and interdisciplinary team. We are proud of our expertise in machine learning, healthcare, regulatory and privacy.

Our close co-creation with practicing physicians enables us to build and implement responsible AI.

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Our Standards

Responsible AI for a societal mission

Safety, quality, and privacy are the key to ensure responsible development and use of our technology.

For our users, we go the extra mile to ensure safe usage through understandable and explainable predictions.

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