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Our Product

Pacmed Critical

A clinical decision support system for Intensive Care Units.

Pacmed Critical provides clinicians with AI-based decision support that helps them to make best use of ICU capacity. Our data driven insights can support clinicians to make discharge decisions that optimise length of stay and reduce negative outcomes like readmissions and mortality.

Right information. Right time. Right place.
Pacmed Critical enables ICU clinicians to instantly view a patient’s status and discharge priority. It gives a prediction of a patient’s risk of readmission or mortality together with detailed information about the factors that affect the risk prediction. The system is built around the discharge workflow and integrated into EHRs.

Developed for and with ICU professionals
Our algorithms have been developed in collaboration with leading ICU doctors and researchers from top academic hospitals.

Unique to Each Hospital
The algorithm is trained on each hospital’s own patient data and so unique to their patient population.

The Impact

For Patients

We can help optimise patient length of stay and prevent negative outcomes like readmissions and mortality.

Healthcare Professionals

We leverage the power of machine learning to support healthcare professionals to make more effective decisions by providing them with better insight into their patient’s status, discharge priority, and the optimum time for discharge.

For Hospitals

Making better use of ICU capacity can reduce the pressure on staff and lead to reduced surgery cancellations, admission freezes and patient transfers.